Cleaning services of the highest quality!

With an experienced and qualified team, we assure you your space will shine as the sun after the cleaning executed by our professionals.

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Would you like to live a happier, healthier, safer life and be much more productive?

This is how our customers live! Through each delivered service our customers feel, in short, fulfilled, calm, happy and safe by knowing they will have a healthy and enjoyable space. We most desire to facilitate your life, after all we assure your space will be cleaner, organized, safe and functional with our services.

Do not waste time! Hire us to have the joys of experiencing everyday an incredible space cleaned by the best cleaning services of Connecticut for a just amount. Come along on the exclusive list of families from our region who have the pleasure to live far from stress in a totally hygienic, organized and warm space, and also have a much more productive routine thanks to our services.

Our cleaning services are just what you are looking for:





Learn what is comprised in our cleaning services:

Regular Cleaning

The regular cleaning executed by our team will keep your space always presentable and healthy, and also will significantly improve your routine.

Deep Cleaning

Through 100% efficient and safe cleaning we will restore the place to all its shine, improving the quality of life in the space and increasing your furniture´s lifetime, making them good as new.

Move in / Move out Cleaning

Your transition from one place to another will be completely agile, simple and safe, as we will leave everything clean and ready so you and your family can be perfectly accommodated in the new space.

Guarantee better and healthier days for you and your family!

Our services will provide you:

A better routine

A cozier space

A healthier life

A wonderful and functional place

About us

Here, at Paula Ferreira Cleaning Services, you and all your family are our priority!

Everything we do is in order to provide you with the highest quality of life, and for this to be possible, we also invest in equipment and techniques which assures 100% satisfying outcome of our cleaning. We take care of your space as if it were our own and we are pleased to transform your life and all the lives of the ones who live with you by offering a cleaning that is capable of turning your place into a 100% healthy, practical, safe and cozy place.

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